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Accident Investigation
Alloy Identification
Failure Analysis
Litigation Support
Mechanical Testing
Metallurgical Services
Testing and Evaluation Services
Weld Evaluation
HURST METALLURGICAL performs Inspection, Failure Investigation, Metallographic Evaluation and Microstructural Analysis, among other services.

Metallographic Examination
Effects of manufacturing processes, such as welding, heat treating, forging, casting and machining on microstructure that could impact the mechanical behavior of the material are determined by microstructural analysis at Hurst Metallurgical by experienced metallographers.

Microstructural Analysis
Various industrial alloys are routinely analyzed by Hurst Metallurgical for graphite distribution, effect of service temperature on superalloys, grain size, inclusion contents, grain flow pattern, case depth and case condition evaluations, corrosion attach, etc.

Trouble-shooting/Failure Analysis
At Hurst Metallurgical, problems encountered during the design, fabrication and service of products are solved by our metallurgists based on the information provided by you and developed at the Laboratory to optimize production, minimize downtime, and resolve disputed issues.

Contact us for any of your testing requirements. We offer comprehensive, solution-oriented reports with an easy-to-understand format.

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